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Signzy For Startups Partners With Zone Startups For New Initiative

In yet another decision towards promoting promising new startups to get a better foothold, Signzy for Startups Initiative from Signzy is taking an active step. We are partnering with Zone Startups India, a part of the Ryerson Futures network, which operates outstanding accelerator programs around the world. The partnership is set to bring about benefits to young and promising ventures.

The partnership aims to synergize the portfolio startups of Zone Startups with the benefits of the Signzy for Startups program. This will be a boost to the startup ecosystem as Signzy’s cornucopia of resources can now be accessed by Zone Startup’s portfolio members. The access is as per the prescribed policy. It is an initiative to empower a globally inclusive approach to entrepreneurs across hemispheres.

Our venture, Signzy For Startups helps new startups and entrepreneurs flourish in the expanding ecosystem. We provide our services, which are customizable to the use of smaller companies and startups. This ensures that their potential does not go unnoticed due to insufficient resources. Zone Startups, with a similar vision, yet different processes help startups create secure and sustainable growth through accurate investments.

Most startups in India possess impressive core ideas and criminally untapped potential. Unfortunately, due to a lack of vector and insufficient guidance, they end up unacknowledged and unrecognized. Our Partnership with Zone Startups will create more optimized solutions and resources for newer startups, specifically in the early stages of development. Zone Startups provide resolutions for investment-oriented hurdles while Signzy helps them with required resources. 

Signzy For Startups And How We Bring About Change

Signzy For Startups is the latest initiative from Signzy that aims to help young organizations with a quicker GTM and secure digital customer onboarding. We use our technology & innovative solutions to help them have a broader scope with maximum impact. 

We make your customer onboarding journey simple, quick, and secure. Being a global no-code AI platform for KYC and onboarding services, we help you automate your customer onboarding journey with real-time APIs. We do this with our 200+ Fintech APIs and Nebula- our state-of-the-art AI-based no-code journey builder.

How is Zone Startups Helping Entrepreneurs

Zone Startups is on a mission to better the world by providing opportunities for the world’s most exceptional people building defining companies. With a stunning network all over the world and partnerships with multiple fortune 500 companies, Zone Startups provide strategic and tactical guidance for entrepreneurs and startups seeking to drive market validation, access to investors, advisors, and corporate partners. The partnership with Signzy will help Zone Startups provide a boost to their existing clientele. Collaborations like this are essential to drive the startup ecosystem and enable faster GTM and growth of early-stage startups

What This Means For The Sector

Signzy and Zone Startups have established entities in their respective fields of expertise. The fact that a partnership is established with the sole purpose of helping startups create better processes and strategic structures is a catalyst in the ecosystem. Such an environment helps startups create a symbiotic structure and sustainable growth.

This is an excellent opportunity for startups to help themselves fortify their services. The initiative builds bridges for excelling and tailoring apt solutions for respective enterprises.

About Signzy

Signzy is an AI-powered RPA platform for financial services. No matter how complex your workflow or operational complexity is, Signzy is able to completely automate your back-operations decision-making process into a real-time API. This is possible due to a combination of Nebula — Our no-code AI model builder and our Fintech API Marketplace of over 200+ APIs. Today we work with over 160+ FIs globally including the 4 largest banks in India and a Top 3 acquiring Bank in the US. Globally we have a strong partnership with Mastercard and offices in New York and Dubai to serve our customers in the 2 geographies. Our Product team of 120+ people is building a global AI product out of Bangalore.

Visit for more information about us.

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Written By:

Mahesh Mohan

A Creative Writer intent on learning and sharing knowledge.

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