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Signzy Is Now Part Of Tracxn’s Emerging Startups Of Computer Vision!

All the hard work at Signzy is paying off! Signzy is now part of Tracxn’s Emerging Startups of Computer Vision. It is Tracxn’s newest in the Emerging Award series. The initiative recognises and brings to the spotlight the topmost companies in Computer Vision from across the globe. Signzy has been showcased as a Minicorn, a category including companies that have the potential to become Unicorns in the long run and is amongst the leading tech startups of Computer Vision.

This recognition comes at an apt time as we are making leaps with more innovative solutions for our clients with faster and safer processing. Recently, we have been able to secure productive initiatives with reputable partners like Dubai-based investment company, Seed Group and are forging new alliances while providing better services. We aim to bring the best to the table without compromising any compliance and regulatory guidelines.

What Is Tracxn?

Founded in 2013 by eminent ex-Venture Capitalists, Tracxn is one of the world’s biggest platforms for tracking startups, private institutions and companies spread across 1800+feeds and multiple countries. It is powered by a combination of human analysts and state of the art technology that scans through multiple data points, building one of the most relevant data intelligence platforms in the industry. The Tracxn platform is also used by numerous Governments, Accelerators & Incubators, and Universities for tracking innovative and novel companies in multiple sectors.

What Are Tracxn Emerging Awards?

The Tracxn Emerging Awards is an initiative by Tracxn to publicly recognise the best global companies across sectors. Apart from the well-recognized Unicorns, Tracxn also identifies companies that can soon become Unicorns (the Soonicorns) as well as the companies that have the potential to become Unicorns in the longer run (the Minicorns).

These ratings are based on well researched and detailed analysis by internal sector specialist teams. This, with a combination of multiple publicly available signals such as market size, investment by marquee investors, execution excellence and future growth prospects make it the most sophisticated and accurate selection process.

What Signzy offers the World

Signzy is an AI-powered RPA platform for financial services. No matter how complex your workflow or operational complexity is, Signzy is able to completely automate your back-operations decision-making process into a real-time API. This is possible due to a combination of Nebula — Our no-code AI model builder and our Fintech API Marketplace of over 200+ APIs. Today we work with over 160+ FIs globally including the 4 largest banks in India and a Top 3 acquiring Bank in the US. Globally we have a strong partnership with Mastercard and offices in New York and Dubai to serve our customers in the 2 geographies. Our Product team of 120+ people is building a global AI product out of Bangalore.

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Written By:

Mahesh Mohan

A Creative Writer intent on learning and sharing knowledge.


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