AI Impact in Corporate Banking Process

Deep, yet Quick Corporate Due Diligence

Something about Trade Due Diligence


(a) Many companies dealing with financial transactions require authenticity and verification of parties involved.


(b) The corporate due diligence process by Signzy is used for finding or eliminating people who have provided false information or have been responsible for the same in the past for the purpose of malpractice in terms of banking and financial software.


(c) We use comprehensive and automated risk and regulatory checks which enable banks to mitigate risk in dealing with large enterprises for both Assets and Liabilities products offered. The process enhances security and eliminates risk through proprietary algorithms of Signzy.

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Transaction Banking

Something about SME Lending DD


(a) Transaction Banking institutions perform daily transactions for customers and require a system that can enable and handle operations in real-time.


(b) At Signzy, we understand how this process requires a robust platform that enables faster processing without compromising user convenience.

(c) We automate this complex regulatory processes using AI and robotics to significantly reduce the turn-around time and enhance customer experience.

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Current Account Onboarding

The process of opening a Current Account with a Bank presently involves extensive human efforts both from the customer’s perspective as well as from operations perspective. 

How Signzy Can Help Quicken CA Onboarding:


a) Interactive form with Auto populate option reduces effort in filling form thereby enhancing user experience.


b) Real time Digital verification of KYC documents for different entity types due to our three-pronged approach of document extraction, verification and forgery checks.


c) Digitally onboard multiple authorised signatories parallely without having to circulate application for weeks.


d) Regulatory Intelligence ensures complete compliance to all required KYC mandates.


e) Algorithmic risk assessment of customers based on entity compliance rules.


f) Easy to use visual dashboards for back end operations with derived outputs and checks to enable faster assessment of customers.


Seamless Experience for all stakeholders through Integration of various third-party services on singular platform.