Scaling payments industry with Digital KYC

Digital payments is today the largest growing industry. But acceptance of payments instruments is still a challenge. Signzy provides total digital client onboarding solutions that reduce KYC costs and AI based risk solutions that reduce merchant risk. We help both Merchant and Customer KYC digitization in the following way :

Merchant Onboarding


Signzy, a Mastercard Startpath partner offers a complete end-to-end automated application and underwriting tool to help Acquirers onboard merchants in a more automated and digitized fashion, removing all bottlenecks from the onboarding process using Digital KYC.


No matter what your existing workflow is, Signzy can offer a customizable solution to automate your application and underwriting process from end-to-end. Leveraging artificial intelligence, optical character recognition and other best-of-breed technologies, Signzy brings you the speed and security you need to scale successfully into the MSME segment.


Signzy’s offerings include two core components—the Merchant Application Tool (for data capture) and Merchant Underwriting Tool (for decisioning)—providing flexible, end-to-end support you need for your onboarding workflow, which is fully customizable.

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Credit Card or Wallet KYC

Something about Customer KYC


The customer KYC information is collected upon new registration with the business to verify and check the details of the customer. Signzy’s lego-like workflow system ensures you can create a risk profile based onboarding that is fit for your need.


Our end white labelled application is also completely compatible in mobile/desktop web browser mode, tab or as Native application. It further has modules for both self and Sales Agent based onboarding. Allowing complete overhauling through a single application. 

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All Features

1. Digital Business check:

Using Signzy’s proprietary algorithms, the business name and details are referenced and checked against government and international databases.

2. Online ID check:

The user details like officially valid documents or government IDs of the merchant user are recorded and verified using our forgery check systems. AI based Image forensics on each ID performs similar function to “eye- balling” function in operations. This makes this process faster yet secure.

3. Automated Background Risk checks:  

Signzy algorithms check over 200 data sources in real time , this includes Credit checks, Negative Merchant Ezmatch DB, AML/CFT etc.

4. Digital Income check:

Signzy uses both digital and traditional sources to estimate and establish income. This includes Salary slip digitization, income tax returns, employer verification, Bank statement 

5. Secure Digital Contracts:

Our digital contract solution offers a simple and secure way to sign and obtain contracts. With enhanced security using facial biometrics.

6. Modern UI Backend Dashboard:

Signzy’s Modern UI dashboard allows risk manager to view in realtime the risk assessment of the customer using our proprietary AI algorithms. It integrates all merchant risk information on a single dashboard allowing for quick decision making to accept or reject this particular merchant.